MARINONI born in the 20s and quickly says in the port of Genoa, fitting in a wide range of activities and services to ships is being repaired and under construction.

Until the end of World War II MARINONI it was mainly specializing in flooring, in the preparation and cementation of crates to drinking water, in degasifica of double bottoms, crates and naphtha cargo tanks, mechanical and chemical descaling of large boilers and marine engines.
In the '50s, MARINONI abandons his craft mentality and in the general context of the postwar boom, it organizes what has been the era of the great passenger ships of the 60s: the "GUGLIELMO MARCONI", the "GALILEO GALILEI" the "F. COSTA", the "E. COSTA", the "Michelangelo" and "Raphael".
Activities include all specialist works: finishing, shaved surfaces, filled and polished by hand with pumice, finishing painting imitation wood and marble.
In the 80s we see more and more commercial ships (tankers and chemical ships) and offer the possibility to increase and strengthen the specialization of MARINONI in the field of painting and sandblasting.
Now in its fourth generation, the late '90s, MARINONI, with the typical private entrepreneurial optimism, reorganizes, forms alliances and partnerships with companies that have operational synergies and allow it to expand its sphere of action, diversifies, patented new products and new technical solutions, developing new skills with their equipment.
MARINONI specializes in all types of naval substrates, even for the offshore, using its own production materials or which has signed an exclusive agreement with the manufacturer.
Also MARINONI specializes in passenger ships, yachts and offshore platforms, with a patented solution that has consolidated and is now part of the business for over 20 years, and used in naval activities in the field of security applications